The URL scheduler

Hide an url as long as you want

Step 1 - Idea
Find your best idea 💡
You have an online resource that you would like to share, but you don't want anyone to be able to visit it until the time you want, so you will use the tool to create an online waiting room that people will be able to visit until the time you wish.
Step 2 - Schedule
Write a catchy title and the publication date 📅
With this information a new page is generated just for you with the title you have chosen and a countdown until the day you have chosen.
Step 3 - Share
Share the new URL with your audience 🌍
Share the new link to your waiting room with everyone you want, every time they visit it they will be able to see how much time is left for the big moment.
Step 4 - Wait
Wait for the big day to come 🍿
Everyone who visits the new link will be able to see your waiting page until the date and time you have chosen is reached; when that time arrives, they will be redirected to the original link, leaving it uncovered.
Frequently asked Questions
Wondering how the service works ?
Confused about how it can improve your links ?
Dive into our FAQ for more details
What happens after the last second of the countdown? ⏳
Will my url be accessible before release day? ⛔️
Can I change the date or message on the waiting website? 🛠
Do you share my original url with any third party? 🙊
What are your future plans for this tool? 🔮